Tilisi - mixed - use development, Limuru


Tilisi spans across 400 acres of meticulously planned, controlled, and managed development. Residents enjoy access to world-class infrastructure and a secure living environment.

Already sold to developers within Tilisi are essential amenities like a school, medical facility, and shopping mall, ensuring that residents of Maisha Mapya, Makao, and Mema have everything they need within reach.

Furthermore, Tilisi’s designated recreational areas, along with upcoming commercial spaces, foster a true live, work, and play lifestyle for residents.


Tilisi incorporates residential, commercial and recreational zones.

Naisula International School

Accessible quality education is now at your doorstep within Tilisi.

Naisula School – Tilisi, provides the British national curriculum from pre-primary to junior secondary levels.

Officially opened since January 8th, 2024, the school is conveniently located just across the road from Maisha Makao and within walking distance from all of our projects.


Tilisi has allocated over $40 million (with over $15 million already invested) towards developing world-class infrastructure. This includes paved roads, street lighting, footpaths, cycle lanes, recreational parks, jogging tracks, sewer treatment plants, boreholes, CCTV surveillance, ICT connections, and manned entrances.


Sewage Treatment Plants

Paved Roads

Street Lighting


Cycle Lanes & Footpaths

ICT Ducting

CCTV & Security



For more information on Tilisi, visit www.tilisi.co.ke

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